Speech 1 : Celia , Carmen, Anabel and Cayetano

Renewable energy can be used over and over again. We can have renewable energy from these sources: sun, wind and water.
All plants, animals and humans use energy from the sun.
Solar energy is used by animals to the food change.

Can you fill in the gaps of the text below about renewable/non renewable energy? Later, you can check your answers by opening the file at the end.


We use energy every day. It surrounds us in different forms, such as light, heat and electricity. We also use energy to work and to play. Humans have invented thousands of machines and appliances that use energy to make our work easier, to heat our homes, and to get ourselves from place to place. Some of these machines use electricity while others, like automobiles, use the energy stored in substances such as gasoline.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy quickly ( ) itself and is usually available in a never-ending supply. Renewable energy comes from the natural flow of sunlight, ( ), or water around the Earth. With the help of special collectors, we can capture some of this energy and put it to use our homes and business.

Non renewable Energy
On the other hand, much of our energy supply comes from ( ),oil, ( ) gas, or radioactive elements. They are considered non-renewable because once they are removed from the ground and used, they are not immediately replaced. In fact, the world’s natural gas,( ) oil and coal deposits took millions of years to form.