Here you are some videos of songs we have worked or just listened to in class. Let's start with Mika and Live your Life (Ciudadanos del Mundo). Add your favourite ones.

In year 2009 a Spanish musician well known all over the world and a famous American singer sing together Looking for Paradise. They are Alejandro Sanz and Alicia Keys. Music may have the same meaning no matter the language you speak. This is the result.

LET'S SING SOME SONGS while learning. We can practise grammar and learn new words from the lyrics: Beatles' Yesterday; Abba's Happy New Year; War is over by John Lennon and this one by the Cranberries' Kiss me.

A song of peace with the eyes of global society.

This is a Christmas video that I found:

Here you are the Jonas Brothers with the song "Can't have you".I hope that you like it.I am irene.