A story of pirates.

This story is about a girl, she is called Ruth and she is 13 years old. Ruth has got fair hair, she is tall, intelligent, brave and confident. She lives with her parents in a city of an island. Her house is near to the sea. She has got a little pet, it is a mouse and she takes it with her everywhere.
Her family has got a ship and sometimes they go to navigate in the sea and they look for treasures on other islands in the world.
One day Ruth was in her ship and somebody saw an island and she found a treasure in a cave, her parents and she could live a very good life with the treasure they found and Ruth became the best pirate in the world.


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The description of my hero
The hero is a woman and her name is Mirrow.She is tall and thin with black short hair.She lives in the galaxy and is very fast.She helps old people in the world and is always happy. She has very white teeth and blue eyes.She had a mouse, it say she where are the problems.The mouse is pink and very funny.Sometimes, when it go to the sun become black but the mouse never dies, because has powers and Mirrow is its best friend.

Celia Rodríguez Ruiz


The name of the hero is Chibiricoscudo.He is twenty three years old. He likes finding treasures. He is very tall. He has dark hair. He is very intelligent. He is a very brave and dangerous pirate. He is not fat. He lives in a house with his parents. He lives in a village, the village is next to the city, and is near the sea. The country is Ireland. He has a special friend, his name is Peponcio, and he has a pet, this pet is a dog and the name of this dog is Waky Flakypirata.jpg

Jesús Martínez Mestre