new_year_2009_red.jpg Time to learn how to express your desires and good resolutions for the NEW YEAR. Let's practise the FUTURE TIME in English. Did you watch the video on our blog to celebrate the coming of the New Year? Do you know the answer the question: who is singing? It is very easy but...
If still you don't know the name, read the hints below to help you:
Hint 1: They are a pop group coming from Northern Europe who were famous in the 70s that have become very popular at the moment.
Hint 2: Their name consists of two letters of the alphabet repeated twice.

Once you get it, write down your New Year's resolutions. Click on the links that I suggest to review the tenses.Remember to use WILL when making promises and speculating about your desires/ambitions and PRESENT CONTINUOUSor GOING TOwhen you are stating your intentions and plans in the future.
Later we will sing the song together in the Songs and Videos post. We may enjoy singing and learning new vocabulary too.