EARTH DAY 22nd April 2009

Let's listen to Celia, Anabel, Jaime and Paula. They have read and recorded these poems on the topic Earth Day from the

I'm Planet terri
I'm Planet Terri
I take care of this place
So, keep it safe
for the human race.
Don't trash the earth
keep it pollution free
or you'll ruin the land
the earth and the sea
Don't argue or fight
keep peace and be fair
If you ruin your planet
you won't live there.
I'm Kingdom
I'm king of the world
creatures big and small
short or tall
I watch out for all!
I care for their habitat
they rely on me
to keep it healthy
safe and trouble free-
I won't spare one
from the land or the sea
each one has a role
on this earth, just like me!
I'm Starbright
My name is Starbright
I'm a twinkling light
and one of the stars
you see each night
I help with wishes
that's what I do
and help Moonbeam
light the sky at night, too.
So, make a wish
for a safe clean planet
for the universe
and everything in it.
If your wish comes true
you'll look up high
and you'll see me shine
in a bright clear sky.
I'm Breezy
I'm breezy clean
help me stay that way
be cautiuous of what you burn
and of what you spray
Be careful of exhaust
and unnecessary smoke
because polluted air
is a dirty joke
People and plants
and animals, too
need my clean air to breath
and live, like you!
I'm Peace Pal
My name is Peace-Pal
and I like the world calm
a place free from anger
without any harm
Let's take away conflict
put safety in it's place
a world full of freedom
for the whole human race
Be friendly, don't fight
let's laugh and let's sing
make a world that is joyful
for all living things.

Mother Nature

When the cars say "rom"
and the chimney gives smoke
the Earth cries
and asks why
she gives us life
she gives us all
and we only get it
more and more polluted.
All natural disasters
earthquakes, tsunamis
everything is because
the Earth is not happy
we must protect her
as she protects us
and when she cries
tell her thanks.
by Celia Rodríguez.
Earth Day

My name is Earth
I have got water and land
I have got a big heart too
and I am round.
I have got a big sun
I have got a big moon too
I run and run
I sing a song
and I created myself
with a "boom".

by Laura del Moral.
Thanks to the Earth

We must be happy
because the sky is
sometimes sunny
and when we become old
we must give thanks
because the Earth gives more
and now we must listen to the Earth
because she is ill
and we can heal it.

by Carmen Mª Cueto.
I am Green

When I have a shower
I keep the fallen water
in a blue cube
to have water for me and you.
I mix the water hot and cool
to have time to see you
because I don't waste time
waiting for the water to be nice.
I have solar cells
because we have sun the whole day.

by Cayetano Gil.