Saint Isidro´s Pilgrimage


Hi, I´m Cayetano and I´m going to talk about our Pilgrimage.
We celebrate the Pilgrimage the first weekend of November. It´s called Saint Isidro´s Pilgrimage. It takes place in El Toril (between Casavaca and La Jarilla). In this Pilgrimage religious authorities participate, everyone who likes and the different Brotherhoods.People venerate the Saint. They celebrate it because they like to make the Saint see us, and give us good luck.In the Romeria people dance "flamenco", sing "bulerias"and things like that. They make games to have fun during the Pilgrimage.

by Cayetano Gil Valdellós.


In halloween every year people dress up
To scare other people and we go
from house to house knocking on doors and
we say trick or treat .
They give us candies,
not all people give candies to you ,
they close the door and don't say anything.
The children dress up as vampires,mummies.But
not all children dress up as vampires,mummies.They
dress up as fairies or princesses or other things.

by Irene Carmona


When the day shines
with its own light
I must say that
this is thanksgiving day.

This day is fabulous
everyone is wonderful
I shout from my room
how happy I am
to be with my family and friends
from the start to the end.

by Ana Gutiérrez 2ºA

Thanks for my friends
thanks for my family
because it is funny
to be with them on this day.
this day is fabulous
because we get many presents
and the boys and girls have fun
Boys and girls jumping
and running along the street
with their fashionable toys
how happy they feel.

by Jaime Casado and José Antonio Delgado 2ºA