On 31st of January we are celebrating the Peace and Non-violence Day in our school. On this is the day Mahatma Gandhi was assasinated. Peace is celebrated all around the world on different dates as any day is a good one to fight for peace. We can start now and go over throughout the year. Here you can read some quotations from famous people: singers, politicians, writers... Then, write your messages of peace here and search for a symbol.

I want you to listen to a song by Sting (do you know the pop group Police?) that defends peace. Oye también el tema en español si lo prefieres.

Discover Sting!

Discover Sting!

The people can make love, but the day is very dark, the Peace day is coming and the people are coming to shine...

Paula Mª Chía De La Rosa

Peace is not sufficient only for a day. Peace is needed for whole Earth
Cayetano Gil Valdellós

<On this day>
We want peace
reign in the world
and it explodes freedom.
We do not want
wars and violence
only peace and love.

The best way
the truth is
sought in God.

In this day of peace,
We want to express
for peace
Sergio Prieto

The Competition in the playground(mesenges)
Group 1
"At the centre of non-violence stands the principle of LOVE"
Martin Luther King